Bar Mitzvah

Procedure for booking a Barmitzvah

Please contact the Rabbi set up an appointment to ascertain from when your son can celebrate his Barmitzvah. At the meeting the Rabbi will discuss the following:

  • The date and portion which is to be read on the Barmitzvah Shabbat
  • Times for Barmitzvah lessons
  • Shabbat morning programme for Barmitzvah boys
  • Any other questions you may have regarding your son’s Barmitzvah

It is suggested that both parents and the Barmitzvah boy attend the first meeting.

Once a date has been chosen, the Rabbi will contact the Shul office to book the date in the Shul diary.

You will be contacted six months before the Barmitzvah by the office regarding catering arrangements for the Brocha and an indicative quotation will be given to assist with budgeting for the event.

Costs associated with a Barmitzvah are as follows:

The above includes:

  • All lessons
  • The Barmitzvah programme
  • The choir for Friday night
  • The Barmitzvah gift from the Shul

There will be no asking of donations from the people called up to the Torah on Shabbat morning for an Aliyah. A discretionary amount which covers all honours would be appreciated from the family.

The family may desire the choir on Shabbat morning, the additional fee is as follows:

Members Non members
Barmitzvah programme R 3950 R 4950
Choir for Barmitzvah on Shabbat morning (optional) R 2000 R 2750
Aliyot and other honours on Shabbat Discretionary Discretionary


Catering for the Brocha

When calculating the number of guests who will attend the Brocha you should include the regular Shabbat morning Shul goers in the total compliment (the Shul office will guide you on this aspect)

The office will contact the caterers and ask them to make contact with you to discuss your menu requirements. You may wish to meet with either caterers or Shul representative to discuss your menu selection and function requirements.

The Caterers will notify the Shul office of the menu selection and the office will then send you a quote for the function. The quote will confirm the following:

Cost of the catered Brocha based on the agreed no of people.

Additional costs which will be included are the following:

  • Set-up costs for the function
  • Whisky  – per bottle
  • Coldrinks & ice – per head
  • Overlays, table cloths and serviettes
  • Flowers and decor as agreed
  • Staff setup and clearing costs

Once you are happy with the quotation, you will be asked to sign the quotation and fax a copy to the Shul office.

Payment for any function is to be made into the Shul account 7 days prior to the event taking place.

In the event of there being an Aufruf on the same Shabbat as the Barmitzvah, the Rabbi will notify both parties and the parties may need to meet to finalise the menu for the function.

Each family will be responsible for their own cost as well as a proportionate cost of the regular Shul goers.