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Nestled in the residential heart of Greenside and the Parks, South Africa, this vibrant Jewish community of over 100 years boasts a spiritual haven for Jews of all ages in the surrounding areas. The building itself houses the Main Shul, Weekday Minyan Shul, Function Hall and a fully Kosher Kitchen that caters for a variety of functions all year 'round. For our future generation the shul is proud to host the Mina Lopata Nursery School, known for its excellence in Jewish Education and a loving atmosphere.

Greenside Shul has a full time and dedicated rabbinical couple who cater to the spiritual needs of the community, as well as a dynamic couple who act as assistant Rabbi and Baal Kreiah. In addition, the shul works in conjunction with Bnei Akiva, ensuring that all ages, types and personalities are well taken care of in our warm and welcoming environment.

Join us for a service, a function or simply a visit and find for yourself a place of comfort, inspiration and a sense of true community life!!

The Synagogue

The entrance to the Shul

KEEPING IN TOUCH – 27 February 2016


Candle Lighting:  6:15 PM

Shabbat ends:  7:12 PM

The Parasha begins with the laws of how to conduct a census. The Torah forbids us to be counted by means of a head-count. The census therefore required everyone to give a silver half-shekel. The obvious question is why the requirement of a half-shekel, why not simply obligate each person to contribute one shekel?

One answer is that it teaches us that a person, when on his own, cannot be considered whole. An individual, regardless of their abilities, is lacking in something. That something is “community.” Only when a person is part of their greater community can they be considered complete.


Following our AGM we were approached by one of our elders who requested us to establish an emergency fund in support of the Shul in honour of her husband and herself.

The fund account will be opened with a deposit of R25, 000 donated by these two generous long standing members of our community.

The funds will only be utilized for the purpose of pursuing the correct solution and changes towards securing the sustainability of our community.

Any members wishing to contribute to this fund should please feel free to contribute their donations. Any contribution will be highly appreciated and will go a long way in assisting our efforts.

The donations will be held in a specific JLN fund and used for this purpose.


King Solomon wrote:” Two are better than one, for they get a greater return for their labour.” It is in this spirit that we are happy to inform our communities that moving forward, Emmarentia Shul and Greenside Shul are working closely together in a variety of areas. We are joining our weekly Minyanim and Shiurim and we are also organizing joint activities for the two communities.

All weekday Schacharit services are at Greenside Shul and all Mincha/Maariv services are at Emmarentia Shul.  See “Service Times” under “Shabbat & Services” on the menu above.


Re-silvering of bells, breastplates and pointers for Torot at Greenside Shul.

In the portion Tetzaveh, the Torah instructs the Kohein Gadol (High Priest) to wear a majestic robe.The hem of this robe was adorned with 72 small gold bells so that the Kohein was always heard when he entered the sanctuary.
The Torah bells, breastplates and pointers that we have at Greenside Shul are in desperate need of repair, due to the fact that they are very old and can no longer just simply be polished. As a result of this we have embarked on a project to refurbish all our silverware. A board will be placed at the Shul acknowledging all the people who participate in this project.
The costs for the silvering are as follows:
•    Set of Bells (2 per set): R1000 per set (5 sets)
•    Breastplate (1): R450 per breastplate (4 breast plates)
•    Yad/pointer (1): R200 per pointer (4 pointers)
Thank you to all the congregants who have generously donated to the silvering appeal. This is much appreciated.
We look forward to any further support for this necessary project
Thank you



We appeal to all congregants to kindly settle their outstanding accounts urgently. Accounts should be paid up before our year end which is in June.

If you wish to discuss any payment related issues contact:

Melanie Guinsberg
Tel: 011.447.3729
Fax: 086.403.1412


We have always had difficulty managing and collecting a Matanah or pledge because it requires that the person pledging the Matanah should remember to contact the Shul and either let them know the value of the donation or alternatively remember to drop off the Matanah at the Shul. Because the value is not specified it is not recorded on the invoice and tracking these Matanot becomes a difficult issue.

It also requires that the office phone the donor during working hours and often people do not respond immediately because they are busy with work related issues and do not want to be disturbed.

After much consideration the Rabbi and Governing Body have decided to make it easier for everyone and have placed a value of 10 times Chai (10 x R18 = R180) on a Matanah donation and an invoice will in future be sent to the donor.

The onus will then be on the donor to inform the Rabbi should the value either be less than R180 or alternatively those wishing to make a larger donation or donate something other than money should tell the Rabbi what they intend to donate or alternatively ask him to arrange that someone contact them to ascertain what the Matanah will be.

This should be done as soon as possible in the spirit of the Mitzvah as intended.

We thank you for your understanding.

The Governing Body



Friday night: (26 February 2016) Saturday: (27 February 2016)
Candle Lighting Time: 6:15 p.m. Schacharit: 8:45 a.m.
Mincha:                            5:45 p.m. Mincha: 6:15 p.m.
Kabbalat Shabbat:        6:00 p.m. Shabbat Ends: 7:12 p.m.
Youth Service:  6 & older; 6:15 p.m. Youth Service: 9:51 a.m.
From Sunday evening Mincha/Maariv will be at 5:45 p.m at Emmarentia Shul