Re-silvering of bells, breastplates and pointers for Torot at Greenside Shul.

In the portion Tetzaveh, the Torah instructs the Kohein Gadol (High Priest) to wear a majestic robe.The hem of this robe was adorned with 72 small gold bells so that the Kohein was always heard when he entered the sanctuary.
The Torah bells, breastplates and pointers that we have at Greenside Shul are in desperate need of repair, due to the fact that they are very old and can no longer just simply be polished. As a result of this we have embarked on a project to refurbish all our silverware. A board will be placed at the Shul acknowledging all the people who participate in this project.
The costs for the silvering are as follows:
•    Set of Bells (2 per set): R1000 per set (5 sets)
•    Breastplate (1): R450 per breastplate (4 breast plates)
•    Yad/pointer (1): R200 per pointer (4 pointers)
Thank you to all the congregants who have generously donated to the silvering appeal. This is much appreciated.
We look forward to any further support for this necessary project
Thank you

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