We appeal to all congregants to kindly settle their outstanding accounts urgently. Accounts should be paid up before our year end which is in June.

If you wish to discuss any payment related issues contact:

Melanie Guinsberg
Tel: 011.447.3729
Fax: 086.403.1412


We have always had difficulty managing and collecting a Matanah or pledge because it requires that the person pledging the Matanah should remember to contact the Shul and either let them know the value of the donation or alternatively remember to drop off the Matanah at the Shul. Because the value is not specified it is not recorded on the invoice and tracking these Matanot becomes a difficult issue.

It also requires that the office phone the donor during working hours and often people do not respond immediately because they are busy with work related issues and do not want to be disturbed.

After much consideration the Rabbi and Governing Body have decided to make it easier for everyone and have placed a value of 10 times Chai (10 x R18 = R180) on a Matanah donation and an invoice will in future be sent to the donor.

The onus will then be on the donor to inform the Rabbi should the value either be less than R180 or alternatively those wishing to make a larger donation or donate something other than money should tell the Rabbi what they intend to donate or alternatively ask him to arrange that someone contact them to ascertain what the Matanah will be.

This should be done as soon as possible in the spirit of the Mitzvah as intended.

We thank you for your understanding.

The Governing Body

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